Lucy Morris and Ernesto Priego’s poetry comic

Wedding Poem

for Rachel and Dave

Marry everything! Couple with hawthorn
with dry stone walls with water
eat drink everything,
let it all in – be intimate with beech and ash
with otters, with the noise of buses
the smell of city streets.

No more waiting, let it be now dearly beloved –
marry the graffiti on the wall
marry London Kings Cross,
commit for life to each footstep, each stone’s throw
each empty bottle, each snake, each church
to love and to cherish from this time forth
floorboards and headboards and barking dogs,
dancing and darkness and the lost sock
behind the radiator, and the curlew circling the moor.

Marry the stars, marry the sky
all the faces, all the places
marry fire, marry war, marry hope.
It’s forever – nothing left out.
What a catch! A whirling planet
with Dave and Rachel on it.

Polly Blackley
June 2018



I believe at the root
in breath as a first
principle. Breath –

the intake, the giving
out – is our signature
onto the air.

Next I believe
in the business
of seeing and hearing,

the processes of light
and sound whereby
we inhabit the cracks

and corners of the earth –
the guarded scrutiny
of strangers, the ear

cocked in a waiting room.
Incidental revelations,
accidental wisdoms.

As for mortality,
the cricket ticking
in the long grass

is timepiece enough
for me. Wound up
by the sun,

his spring uncoils
at night and
he dreams in black.

But, as a final article
of faith, I believe in
the heartbeat certainty

of two adjacent hands
on the parapet of
a bridge somewhere

touching, finger to finger,
and breath quickening
to mingle, and this

causing the sun to rise
and the moon to wax
and all the tides to run.

Dick Jones
via ink sweat and tears (2013)


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