How it all began

Yes, we met on the internet. But this was long before apps like Tinder — in fact, it was before any app! You had to use a computer to go online! There were blogs! I distinctly recall my first run-in exchange with Rachel in a comment thread on Language Hat, the venerable blog about languages and hats, although we’ve never been able to re-find that exchange, so maybe I just dreamed it — who knows? But by late 2004 I was leaving comments on Rachel’s blog and she on mine. Blogger meet-ups followed in Montreal (2005) and Brooklyn (2006) though at that time we were just friends. Things didn’t really take a turn for the romantic until after my first visit to London in 2011, when I stayed on the Rawlins family couch. Perhaps the key factor in my growing interest was Rachel’s similar pace and level of enthusiasm in going through museums and botanical gardens. Finally, someone I didn’t drive absolutely crazy! Then I went back home, and we began to Skype. The rest, as they say, is history. Also *ahem* poetry…

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The pdf of the book can be downloaded here: Twelve Simple Songs


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